My Inspirations

My basic inspiration has remained the same, Creation, The British Landscape, Horses, The Female Form, and story telling as I move around my local landscapes. As a child my creativity was activated by the influence of my great, great grandfather and his use of watercolour, since then I have explored many mediums. I have always enjoyed the study of art history and past masters and cannot work without occasionally working directly from life and  sitting and drawing in the landscape admiring Gods work.


I relish the British weather systems, as they change the same view so dramatically.Particularly I pick up on the activities and movement of  horses through the landscape in my local area Berkshire / Hampshire. All of my work has an element of wonder and amazement at the beauty of creation and some works have a more obvious expression of the truth of the biblical word.


Samuel Palmers Words


 Commenting on William Blakes illustration to Thorntons Virgil ..................


They are visions of little dells and nooks and corners of Paradise, models of the exquisite pitch of intense poetry.I thought of their light and shade and looking upon them I found no word to describe it. Intense depth, solemnity, and vivid brilliancy only coldly and partially describe them. There is in all such a mystic and dreamy glimmer as penetrates and kindles the inner most soul, and gives complete and unreserved delight, unlike the gaudy daylight of this world.